What we stand for?

Youth Empowerment

We empower youth to gain social, intercultural, critical thinking competences for a more inclusive education, training and youth field to decrease level of prejudices or stereotypes among different European regions and Germany in particular.

Youth Engagement

We engage young people in a constructive manner enabling them an initiative
and build and develop their ideas that meet the people’s needs and help reduce the problems and challenges that most faced in societies.


We foster intercultural dialogue, cooperation with intercultural entities, aiming to promote recognition and protection of cultural diversity, preserving tangible and intangible heritage, promotion of cultural values through all of its forms and endorsement of Human Rights.

Recent Projects

Art for the Remembrance – Mind the Gap
Art for the Remembrance – Mind the Gap
March 20, 2021

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We Are Ubuntu
We Are Ubuntu
March 20, 2021

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Developing Entrepreneurship and Self-employment Skills of Immigrants
Developing Entrepreneurship and Self-employment Skills of Immigrants
March 19, 2021

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What we do?

Social Inclusion

We do inclusion projects. We are committed to promoting educational opportunities to better the conditions for the rights of oppressed groups.


We cooperate with different institutions to fight discrimination in society and induce young people to take an active role in societies.


We understand the fragility of our environment and take action to promote sustainable development and a more eco-friendly way of living.


“Our similarities bring us to a common ground; our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other.”    – Tom Robbins

It is all about inclusion. We need to bring back everyone who are left behind!” #LeaveNoOneBehind.

-Ayhan Feraset

See our success.

Different pictures from some of our activities and projects bear witness to the success of our effort.


Testimonials are a simple way to show our NGO rocks!

A great organization who creates really amazing and amusing projects, in which activities are never boring and the atmosphere is so friendly and familiar. So happy that I had the chance to participate.Alessandra Micalizzi -Italy
The organization shelter international e.V. did everything for our unforgettable youth exchange in Bremen this summer. I really appreciate their idea and willing to promote the values that we gained during the project. Thank you that we have such an organization in Germany. Total recommend!Alisa Pugachova -Germany
I took part in a training course organized by shelter international e.V. I absolutely recommend this organization. Had an amazing time with them, made lots of new friends and new experiences. Everything was very well organized and we learned much. 10/10Laura Mollenhauer -Germany
Shelter International e. V plays an important role as a clearinghouse in today's youth movements! It is one of the networks of youth organizations which connects youth and youth leaders all over Europe. It carries out its motto to a modern informal learning system as a community and in making the world a better place to live. I recommend other youths to try to participate in different learning projects organized by Shelter based on the experience I had in participating in one of the projects.Liz Checol -Germany
If you are looking for a second family, Shelter family has already opened their arms wide open. Fast communication, warm president, responsible participants and all. I had one project with them and can say that it was the best of all.Yusuf Atahan -Turkey
They are doing great job organizing projects to help youth develop their personalities while having a great experience. they are trying to make the world a better place keep up the great work.Krasiva Hafez -Egyt
Shelter International e.V. provides with an amazing Erasmus+ experience that enforces to develop new skills, learn and practice the tools of non-formal education and most amazingly helps to dive into an intercultural environment. The coordination and organization are of high level and I would gladly recommend it to everyone willing to make a change in his/her life!Kei Tasch -Germany
The organisation which made me start my journey. Thank you!Timea Sagatova -Slovakia
I took part in the Erasmus+ exchange organized by the Shelter International. The whole experience was really valuable and the staff was always there to provide support for participants.Adam Pakulski -Poland
Shelter International gave me the opportunity to participate in my first ever Erasmus+ project and it was a great experience. Well organized and insightful to the topic. The project gave the participants enough time to develop new skills and improve the existing ones while creating a deep community feeling between the different cultures.Alexander De León Díaz -Germany

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