About Us

Shelter international e.V. is an NGO focusing mainly on youth participation, social inclusion, intercultural understanding, active citizenship both for adults and youth.

Main aims of Shelter International are:
  • to increase the chances of participation for young people
  • to promote intercultural skills and thus to promote inclusion in society and its subsystems
  • to support and promote the integration and inclusion of migrants, but also of other socially disadvantaged people
  • to promote the participation opportunities of people with fewer opportunities due to formal or informal access barriers.
  • to bring young people closer to the concepts of diversity and inclusion in order to break down prejudices
  • to promote respect and tolerance for people who are different and of different origins, to change stereotypes and overall strengthen intercultural skills.
The interdisciplinary team of shelter international e.V. have extensive experience in youth mobility, voluntary service, community development, and entrepreneurship development. Our organization staff members understand the youth segment in a more diverse way; their needs and priorities, skills and potential, their drive and synergy and their developmental needs for a greater sustainable future.