Promoting anti-racism education for organizations and leaders:

Racism is harmful to all parts of societies in many different aspects. Anti-racism education is needed because systemic racism in the environmental, social, and grassroots movements also results in the marginalisation of BlPOC expertise including scientists, indigenous knowledge (e.g. Sami people from North Europe) as European perspectives are generally supported, prioritized and magnified. BIPOC experts face the additional burdens of operation within racist structures while also trying to address the issues at hand i.e climate change activists. The climate, social, and grassroots movements simply do not have a good track record of handling issues of equity.

We want to create spaces of knowledge and skills exchange, connecting and bridging the gap between these two worlds, through Anti-racism work and sustainability education (Because of covid19 and the budget, this part of the project is temporarily suspended) However we still plan to hold at least two TOT in two different ecovillages in Europe. We plan to roll out and develop already existing training with leaders and core team members of these organisations and support them to develop strategies of creating inclusion and diversity working groups to make sure it is safe and welcoming for the BIPOC to work and collaborate with them.

The training aims:

individual transformation, leadership, processes targeted at organizational or community-level change, and movement building
to expand awareness and understanding of white privilege, whiteness
to understand more fully the systemic and personal ways that racism is internalised.
To introduce sustainable ways of regenerating the environment for the BIPOC in the dimensions of economy, culture, politics, ecology, and social in both urban and rural areas and empower them with tools to transform internalized oppression and intersectionality.
To create spaces of exchange skills and knowledge giving a voice to the BIPOC, who are usually not heard.


Time Frame:

In 2021 we plan to work with leaders and core teams from at least 7 organisations – 3 BIPOC lead organisations and 5 White lead organisations. The first 3 months will be used for developing the already existing training and strategy including communication strategy (social media and more).
The following months training will be held at least twice a month – 1 Training of Trainer for specific organisation or movement (small group) , and 1 general training for the public.

Consulting with movements and organisations

We aim to create an inclusion strategy for organisations composed by white members addressing the best way to be inclusive and diverse in their organisations and working groups in order to prevent racial harm on BIPOC, access the needs for racism training for the White members for a thriving working environment.