Project overview: 

Project Humanity Has No Borders – From Challenges toOpportunities is an international training of youthworkers, leaders of intercultural facilitation amonggroups of refugees and migrants, involving 32 youthworkers (and 2 experienced trainers) from Italy, Belgium,Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Greece, United Kingdom,Germany, Turkey.

Project Objectives:

-Creating a portfolio with a record of new, innovativemethods of social inclusion, with particular emphasis onthe notions of discrimination, stereotypes, refugees,intercultural learning and exclusion

-Reaching the awareness of youth workers about thespecificity and complexity of the facilitation processduring intercultural meetings and training

-Strengthening the competences of youth workers in thecontext of planning and implementation of effectiveeducational activities at the international level

-Expression of various dimensions of culture and howthey are connected with intercultural learning

-Testing and quality evaluation of developed tools onvarious groups of excluded youth

-Creation of a portfolio with a set of training methods andtools in an intercultural environment, with particularemphasis on including discriminated groups

Date and venue: 02–09/November/2020 Avola, Italy


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